Making Love to you is the best read how

We can enter the room we will kiss. it is a long wet and hot kiss. About the time we cant breath anymore our hands hit there targets about the same time your hand on my cock and my hand on you pussy, we both start rubbing and rubbing, I am getting hard and you are getting wet. I start to work my way down to you neck while I remove the traps to you blouse and move it down out of the way. I start to kiss my way to your breasts, when I arrive there I softly kiss and nibble on the nipples. This is all getting both of us so excited, I am enjoying this as I work my hand down to your pant undo them they drop them to the floor as we fall onto the bed. We are both shocked for a moment and then roll so that I am facing you panties, I ripe them off and bury my face in you pussy and start licking kissing it. I keep it up until you start to squirm, you move around  with excitement and then cum all over my face. I then move up and pause at you tits to squeeze them around my rock hard cock. Then I move up and shove me dick in your mouth gagging you with every stroke. After a few minutes you push me away and down on to the bed and continue to suck on my cock, as I am getting close to cumin down your throat I push you up to your knees and move behind you where slide my cock in your ass and pump until you cum again, I then roll you over and move you feet up to your head and shove my cock deep in your pussy, I pound away until you cum one last time because I can not hold out any longer so I withdraw and cum all over you.