Dating Sites

Dating Sites


As you will see, the differences in the dating websites on the internet vary GREATLY. Itís great to see that dating industry has evolved to help the average guy get laid! LOL. At first I couldnít really believe that there were actually people on these sites, but I turned out to be very wrong. Many women subscribe to these websites, because they are very busy, donít have the time for an extended dating life and just want to go STRAIGHT to the point. So dating personals are hard because it is not a adult get laid sites here they want you to meet and date before you move on to the sex, but if you are looking for something long term then this is the places to go.

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American Singles
My Number One Pick:
Friend Finder has been an interesting site for me I like the women I have meet but they all want to go so slow it like I am high school again with girls that have not had sex and are not sure they want to yet.
Runner Up:
Friend Finder was the first site I subscribed to, I saw one of their ads on an entertainment website and decided to try them out. I actually hooked up with some girls on friend finder but it was a long search. They donít nearly have the same amount of female members as American Singles.
 Passion Dating gets 2 stars because I liked what I saw on the site they either have a lot of beautiful girls that are just not looking for someone like me or a lot of beautiful plants.
This is not favorite site but you may do better

I hope to have more soon and 3 and maybe 2 will move down