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Known Nigerian scammer, found on most dating services, known as: Freddy, Anastasie, Anna Park, Kelly Yolanda, Sonders, Sandra Kelvin, hollyanna_40, dolly, halima, tanwill, Rita, cinderella, babyreallove, mikky0077, Jennifer Raashidah Wright, Stella, lovergirl, Anastasie Freddy, wlinda, liusa03, Adagha Vivian, etc...


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These came from ( Freddy, Anastasie ) and used the same pics

I read your mail and found it very great full that you wrote to me. as i told you yesterday I do have some little preoccupations ,about your town, your city my only regret is that you are married. How many children do you have? What is important for you in a relationship?  You know you are a really handsome man .what do you do as job in your life?  Yes you know I was transfer to Cameroon for a period of 6 months and I have already spend 3months, meaning that I still have three months left. I am working as head of department of research and bank statistics of SGBC ( Societe Generale des Bank du Cameroun) a part of SGB France where I was working before been transfer to Cameroon. I am from a family of 5 that is my father and mother who live in Paris, 1 junior sister and cadet brother they are in Paris too. I have never been married before I had known some men before younger than you, but always been deceived by them. Concerning my hobbies I like kitchen, cinema, reading, jogging and walking hand to hand with the man I love I also like making love. Thing I hate most on earth is lies.  For me I think that the distance is never a problem because technology has resolved it through telecommunications means and you know that one can travel to another without any problem. You know it is said that only mountains can not meet but men it just a matter of voluntary. by the grace of the almighty GOD if things goes well between us we shall meet and decide on our life and future, I think we just need to believe to our self and have the faith.

And they will try to suck you in with the following


Hello xxxx and how are you today? what have you done today? i hope you are fine? Dave your last letters have gotten me instantly aroused. I hope when we are together, we will be able to actually realize our dream!!! I thought I had and imagination for making love, but honey, you have definitely topped me. And as far as sexual appetites, it sounds like we are both very sexual and in bad need of loving both sexual and in companionship needs. Whether we make love for hours or some days just cuddle and kiss and hold each other. Making love with you every day would be a dream come true. I hope I am able to make your dreams come true also. Oh honey, the more I think about you and about us, I want you even more. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I have never known a man, who is more handsome the most handsome sunset or sunrise. I have always tried to show men the utmost respect. I have saved all of your letters to me and I have been finding myself going back through them, enjoying each day as you have pulled me closer to you. I will offert you my virginity as a present the first day that we shall meet. I didn't want to fall for you this quickly, but there is just something about you. I don't know if it is strength or just tenderness I have never known. Your eyes hypnotize me and your body (cock) beckons me. I am always honest with you and have been devoted to our love, and you never have to worry about trusting me ( I am over joyed to have you love me). Dave that this 8th you will send me some beautiful flowers as a present of international women day.
Take care of you.